Terms of Use

This website (“Site”) is operated and managed by NIRAKU GC HOLDINGS, INC. (“NGCH”) or its representatives. Use by customers (“Users”) to the services of this Site is subject to the following terms of use (“Terms and Conditions”). Please note that, by using this Site, you agree to all of these Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions may be changed by NGCH without prior notice. Terms and Conditions after changes will be published on this Site without delay. Please confirm the latest details of these Terms and Conditions before using this Site.

1. Personal Information

On this Site, we strive to protect personal information provided by Users. Please refer to NGCH’s Privacy Policy shown on the “Privacy Policy” page.

2. Use of this Site

In the event Users cause damage to third parties by use of this Site, such Users must resolve such matters at their own expense and responsibility. In the event that Users cause damage to NGCH by conduct contrary to these Terms or wrongful or unlawful conduct, NGCH may claim damages of an appropriate amount from such Users.

3. Scope of and Changes to Terms and Conditions
  • 1. Provisions announced as necessary on this Site and separate provisions stipulated for services provided on this Site form part of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between the contents of these Terms and Conditions and any additional provisions or separate provisions, the contents of the additional provisions or separate provisions shall prevail.
  • 2. Websites operated and managed by persons other than NGCH or its representatives are linked to this Site. When using such websites, you must agree to the terms of use published on such websites.
  • 3. NGCH may change the contents of these Terms and rules in such ways as it considers appropriate, without obtaining the consent of Users.
  • 4. In the event changes have been made to these Terms and Conditions, the conditions of use of this Site will be based on the terms of use after the changes have been made. Such changes will take effect from the time they are notified or disclosed by notice via email to addresses provided in advance to NGCH, publication on this Site, or such other method as is deemed appropriate by NGCH.
4. Published Information

NGCH takes great care in the publication of information on this Site, but provides no warranties whatsoever to Users with respect to the accuracy, recency, usefulness, etc. of such information.
Furthermore, NGCH may, at its own discretion, make additions to, change, revise or delete information published on this Site without prior notice to Users.

5. Copyright
  • 1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in works published on this Site (information, materials, images, logos, etc.) belong to NGCH, unless separately and explicitly stated otherwise. Such copyright is protected by copyright laws, various treaties and other laws of respective countries.
  • 2. Unless they obtain the permission of NGCH or other holder of the copyright, Users may not use, reprint, reproduce, distribute or modify the whole or part of information (including images and other materials) acquired through the use of this Site beyond the scope of individuals’ private use stipulated by copyright laws or the scope explicitly permitted by other laws.
6. Trademarks

Registered trademarks, including trademarks and service marks, used on this Site belong to NGCH or holders of the right who authorized NGCH to use them, and may not be used without the permission of NGCH or other holders of the right.

7. Links
  • 1. NGCH firmly refuses links from the following types of websites:
  • (1)Websites containing content intended to denigrate or cause loss of credibility in NGCH or other companies, persons or organizations;
  • (2)Websites that offend public order and morals;
  • (3)Websites that contravene or are likely to contravene laws and regulations;
  • (4)Websites that open this Site inside a frame and may mislead third parties by making the operator and manager of this Site unclear;
  • (5)Websites containing adult content or dating services; and
  • (6)Other websites that include conduct which violates the “Terms of Use” of this Site.
  • 2. Information drawn from this Site which is published on websites linked to this Site is controlled by and is under the responsibility of the websites linked to this Site, and is not controlled by NGCH. Accordingly, use of the websites linked to this Site should be in accordance with the terms of use of the respective websites.
  • 3. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the linking of this Site from a website does not mean that an affiliation or the like or a special relationship exists between NGCH and the website (or its operator).
  • 4. Please note that cases may occur where links to this Site are removed in connection with changes to the website or server structure.
8. Temporary Suspension, Discontinuance or Termination of Operation of this Website
  • 1. NGCH may, at its own discretion and without prior notice to Users, temporarily suspend or discontinue public access to the whole or part of this Site for any of the following reasons:
  • (1)When a natural disaster or other state of emergency has occurred or is likely to occur, or a fault in telecommunication equipment used by NGCH, or other unavoidable reason, has occurred; or
  • (2)When there is regular or urgent system maintenance, or a problem has occurred with the system.
  • 2. In the event that operation of this Site is to be terminated, NGCH will give prior notice to Users by methods it considers appropriate. However, this will not apply in the case of an emergency.
9. Disclaimer
  • 1. Use of this Site is at the User’s risk, and NGCH will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage incurred during the use of this Site.
  • 2. NGCH will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by Users or third parties in connection with any changes to, suspension (including temporary suspension), discontinuance, termination, abolition or the like of this Site.
  • 3. NGCH will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by Users or third parties due to any addition or changes to, revision, deletion or the like of information on this Site.
  • 4. NGCH will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by Users or third parties in association with any changes to the terms and conditions.
  • 5. NGCH provides no warranties with respect to the content of linked websites (websites linked to or from this Site) and will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred in association with the use of such linked websites.
10. Prohibited Matters

The following conduct is prohibited when using this Site:

  • 1. Conduct that causes or may cause detriment or damage to NGCH or third parties, violates or may violate their property or privacy, or damages or may damage their reputation or credibility;
  • 2. Conduct that offends or is may offend public order and morals, violates or may violate domestic or international laws and regulations falls under or may fall under criminal conduct or conduct linked to criminal conduct;
  • 3. The making of a false declaration or notification, such as registering an email address of someone else;
  • 4. Using this Site for sales activities or profit-making actions, or conduct in preparation for such activities or actions. However, this will not apply where NGCH’s approval has been given separately;
  • 5. Use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that may lead to such actions;
  • 6. Other conduct that obstructs the operation of this Site, or that may hinder the services provided by this Site; and
  • 7. Any other conduct that NGCH considers to be inappropriate.
11. Applicable Law and Court with Jurisdiction

The use of this Site and the establishment, validity, performance and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of Japan, unless otherwise stated. In the event of any dispute in relation to this Site or these Terms and Conditions, the Fukushima District Court shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.